Where Have You Been?

This was the theme of my Sunday.  It had been so very long since I was able to get to my church.  Basically, my wife, who used to work on Sundays (thereby freeing me up for services), now works on Saturdays instead.  I much prefer my Kandi time be spent while she is at work.  Our work schedules don’t often sync up, except for Sundays now, so I want to spend time with her whenever possible.  The result is that I don’t get to Kandi’s church as often.  I have also not been able to give as much time to Mercury Theatre as I’d like.  The problem has been a combination of scheduling conflicts and my love of working for both of the art museums and the science center.  So, on this Sunday, I was able to get back to both.

I wore a cute cold shoulder top with a knee length white skirt.  An outfit comfortable and casual, a perfect Sunday outfit.

Many complements today on the top as well as the shoes.

The first person who saw me at church asked where I’d been.  Frequent variations on where I’ve been, I’ve been missed, so on and so forth went on most of the service.  And you know what?  I felt loved and truly missed.  And I missed that place!  Our new pastor started last week, so this was my first time to watch him in action and I was very impressed.  I met him afterward (he’s African-American) and I complemented him on the message but I told him, please don’t be offended about what I was about to say, but I am hopelessly white.  I explained that I am not a dynamic participant in the services (he loves the loud “amens” and is quite a dynamic speaker), I simply like to take it all in, received the message and remain fairly quiet.  He knew what I meant.

I stopped at the art museum to kill off an hour, it’s essentially next door to my church.  I saw my “boss”, thanked her again for her kind gift and chatted a bit.  I then took the opportunity to snap a few.


I finished my day ushering at Mercury.  I always love the folks there, they clearly missed me and I smiled the entire time.  No great story here, just warm feelings and again, being loved.  One hug after another.

And so ends a glorious and spectacular weekend!  The coming weekend has plenty of the same, but taken up a notch or two.


2 thoughts on “Where Have You Been?

  1. KANDI,

    Glad you enjoyed the service and the rest of the day. Keep having fun. BTW learned what a fashion “COLD SHOULDER” means not just a snub.



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