Happy Birthday to Me…….

Warning: you will see the same dress I posted Monday in my Top Ten Joyful Experiences.  Please note, the dress was worn almost a full two years apart.  It’s funny to see the confidence in me when comparing the two pictures.

This past Saturday was my birthday, number 57!  Pre-Kandi I hated the acknowledgement of this day.  It all goes back to not being internally happy.  Now, I went out of my way to schedule some truly fun Kandi time and a great evening with the angel known as my wife.

Back to the art museum for Day One of the Kusama exhibit, we had almost 100 of the museum’s volunteers tour the exhibit.  I helped with guiding many of them and assisting my “boss”, simply the sweetest person (outside of family) I know.  She brought me to tears, which she doesn’t know.  Since she knew it was my birthday, she not only got me a lovely card, not only got me a gift card to the museum’s cafe (the food quality is very good), she got me a Kusama (polka dotted, of course) umbrella.  An unexpected gift from a cherished friend.  This, ladies, is what I get from all of my volunteering…..love.

No other real big stories to tell.  Just a day where I literally smiled the entire time I was out.  The weather was perfect, mid-70’s with no humidity.  Just walking around the University Circle area, in a dress and heels, was liberating and truly special.  Here’s how I looked.  The necklace was part of the Charming Charlie’s haul the day before!

Before I headed home, I ran an errand to Walmart.  As stupid as it sounds, I always enjoy shopping (dressed) at Walmart.  It doesn’t get any closer to a representation of our society than Walmart.  Every kind of person is often in there.  I just tend to my shopping list like any woman would.

The day was capped by my famous homemade pizza (at least famous in my household) and The Pretenders in concert with the woman I love dearly!  People, a cute dress, pizza, Chrissie Hynde, not a bad birthday after all!  Oh, but wait!  The Pretenders cancelled.  The day was still wonderful.  We relaxed instead and enjoyed the lovely weather.  I am so truly blessed to be me, with all my warts and problems, life could not be any better!


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me…….

  1. Happy #57. My next will be 67.
    I love your ability to see every glass as being half full…maybe even more than half full.


  2. Happy belated B’day Kandi. Stay young, and continue to be the delightful, encouraging, and lovely person you are.



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