Top 10 All-Time Favorite Songs #2

This was a very tough call between this song and my number one song.  Sort of my theme song, Couldn’t Get It Right by the Climax Blues Band.  Don’t know why, but this songs always stuck with me.  1976, I was a young man back then (and a budding young lady as well!).  I had a morning paper route and every Sunday would listen to the late Casey Kasem’s countdown after my deliveries (still do, reruns of course).  When this song hit the charts, it grabbed me and I rooted it well into the Top 10 (okay, so I had no life….).

A few years later they also scored with I Love You, a beautiful ballad.  A few years back I found a greatest hits CD for Climax Blues Band and really love everything on it!  Some real bluesy stuff as well as some quality pop.  This song, in my humble opinion, is the best song prominently using cowbell.


2 thoughts on “Top 10 All-Time Favorite Songs #2

  1. For my number favorite song I need look no farther than Paul Simon. The problem is that when I look at his body of work there are a host of songs that always bring me focus. I love his ability to write for himself and also for the one of a kind voice of Art Garfunkel. I can always listen to Bridge Over Troubled Water and I think that his masterpiece is the Graceland album from the mid 1980s. I also think I can recite the words for every song on Bookends. One of my favorite DJs, Pete Fornatale, was a friend of one of my buddies and Pete wrote a book that was only about Bookends.
    As for my favorite Paul Simon song I would need to go with The Boxer. I am just a poor boy and my story’s seldom told. A great combination of a wonderful tune with lyrics that resonate on so many levels.


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