A Spectacular and Glorious Day!

Warning:  This will be a long post.

After a while of not being able to dress due to work, time spent with my wonderful wife, visiting one of our daughters (all either necessary or preferred activities), it was finally time to get dressed and out!

Beginning on July 6, The Cleveland Museum of Art is exhibiting Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors (http://www.clevelandart.org/exhibitions/yayoi-kusama-infinity-mirrors).  This exhibit was most recently at Hirshhorn Museum (The Smithsonian), The Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada and The Broad, Los Angeles, California.  A real feather in the cap of our wonderful art museum!  It runs through September and is expected to be seen by thousands (an expected hundred thousand) and many from out of town.  It is a very volunteer-heavy undertaking and I will be working it frequently.  It checks all the boxes for me: dress well and in many different styles; long lines of people, many from out of town; and me interacting with all of them!  I asked to be the principal greeter whenever I work.  My goal is to give the people something to talk about in addition to the exhibit.  To welcome them to our fair city and leave them smiling, remembering Cleveland, the museum and hopefully me, fondly.

I will readily admit, I know zippo about art, it mostly does not resonate with me, like music does, for instance.  All I know is this exhibit is about mirrors and polka dots, so I took the opportunity to wear my favorite polka dot dress!  So here is how my day started:


I’m getting pretty good at this being a girl thing.  The outfit was spot on!  I like big earrings, since I am big, they strangely look smaller on me.  All of the accessories were perfect for this dress.

So off I went, but first I made a few stops.  I picked up my birthday gift at ULTA, where I got a wonderful complement on my dress.  Then over to Soma, to take advantage of my birthday coupon and some sale pricing.  Six cute new pair of panties to restock my lingerie drawer.

This one will take some explaining.  One year ago I had a $10 coupon for White House Black Market.  Now this store is generally out of my price range.  So I used my coupon on some clearance jewelry and was treated like a queen by the lovely SA.  I went home and wrote a glowing email to corporate about how well I was treated.  So on this day, a full year later, I return with another coupon and she is there (I hadn’t been back since).  Long story short, multiple hugs and kisses on my cheek, she was so appreciative of my kind words, a year ago! [Ladies, whenever you are treated well when shopping, acknowledge that.  Email corporate.  Use the SA’s name.  The more often we do that, the easier it gets for all of us to shop.]  I picked up a cute top that, in my mind, I have already paired up with one of the cute skirts I picked up this week.

Then I finally got to the museum.  I was basically trained for the Kusama exhibit.  As I stated above, my role will be to be the main greeter.  The friendly (and somewhat scary) face that welcomes visitors to the museum.  I am damn proud of this!  The museum and everywhere around it are all decorated with polka dots.  Here is your girl at the museum and the adjacent Wade Oval (the picture by the tree was taken by a young man who was photographing, with a real camera, a few lovely young ladies).  I got to tour the exhibit, it is absolutely spectacular!  Breathtaking!  This coming from someone who has no proper appreciation for art.


Over the course of the day, I probably got at least ten complements on my dress.  I wish I could explain it, but every complement is an affirmation, every complement is a kindness I cannot properly describe.  Just writing this has my eyes a bit misty.  I simply cannot draw a male equivalent to that feeling when you know you look pretty, when you know your dress and outfit are well put together.

But wait, there’s more!  So I had one more birthday coupon to use, this time at Charming Charlie’s.  For me, this is the ultimate girly girl’s store.  I purchased eight necklaces and a bracelet.  These were all clearance items, so they were marked down.  They were then on sale for 75% off the clearance price.  Plus I had a $5 off coupon and, unbeknownst to me, another $5 off.  I spent $10.80 for this haul for a full $80 of clearance priced items, probably $120 at full original price.  I shop there frequently, so of course, a few of the SAs remembered me and were kinder than kind.

I’ll tell you what I told the lovely young lady who checked me out, I so love being a girl!  It’s a blessing.  A treasure and I’ll never, ever take it for granted.

Okay, that’s all folks!


7 thoughts on “A Spectacular and Glorious Day!

  1. }Kandi.

    Just love your love of being a GIRL. This POST was super spectacular. I was enjoying every minute of your adventures as if I was there. When I began taking pictures of Marie — Actually before Marie came a long I would say to myself just as the picture was being snapped “I LOVE BEING A GIRL” (or woman). I believed it put an extra “Zip” in the image (my smile). Certainly made me feel special.

    Now back to you “long” post It was great, However it was the recent multi-mini adventures that had me urging to be there enjoying the day as a girl. Good on you. Was tempted to jump in the car right then and head to Cleveland. You make the city, at least your favorite haunts sooo inviting and girl friendly.

    Could a short visit by this GIRL be squeezed into your social schedule. Do not need to change anything I would absolutely love to just “tag” along on one of your magical days.

    Let me know if this girl’s “aspiration” has a possibility of being fulfilled??

    By the way was able to reconstruct the missing “SKIRT” Vignette.




    803 226 5280


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