Concert Weekend Part 2

As you’ve read, Saturday was a blast.  Sunday, a blast of heat!  Ninety degree temperatures dictating my activities for the day.  Short walks, stay inside.  We had a matinee performance.  I got this great peplum dress a while back and was looking for the opportunity to take her for a spin!  It’s funny, there is always one thing I tend to get complements on.  Yesterday it was my lipstick color.  Today it was the necklace.  I always seem to get complements on it every time I wear it.

As usual, I needed something to do to stretch my day a bit.  I have talked here at length about my church (Methodist).  Well our services were too early for me to have enough to keep me occupied until the performance.  So I decided to attended (Catholic) Mass at the Cathedral.  I got there early, as I really find it relaxing and cathartic to sit quietly in a dress in a quiet church.

So after Mass, I headed over to the theater and continued my hug-a-thon!  I am supposed to sell tickets for a wine raffle.  I sold very few tickets as many, many friends sought me out, pumped my ego with undeserved complements and chatted with me.  I am becoming more of a goodwill ambassador than a ticket salesperson.

All in all, it was a weekend that exceeded my high expectations.  I, as always, went wherever I wanted and was welcomed.  I did things and saw people I love.  And I had a great Father’s Day on top of everything.  Lucky, lucky, lucky…..



3 thoughts on “Concert Weekend Part 2




  2. You have really become Cleveland’s #1 ambassador for the cross dressing community. While you can experience the positive feedback that you get from the folks you encounter you are doing a world of good outreach on behalf of others who have inclinations similar to our own. I am sure that you have met men who may want to get out while dressed. I am sure that you have met women whose husband/father/son may be dealing with these issues. Every time you meet someone they learn that we are good decent people and that no harm comes from out proclivities.
    Keep on keeping on.


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