Happy, Happy, Happy

I was in a dress mood today.  I had a volunteer shift at the science center and then an usher gig at Mercury Theatre.  So here is my photo montage for the day.

My outfit was cute and comfortable.  Love the hounds tooth pattern!  The neckline and sleeve length both perfect for me.  The hemline just above the knee is right where I like it.  It was an easy black and white pallet to work with, going with gold accessories, modest makeup colors and a lovely deep red lipstick color.  I love dresses like this.  Simple, light, cute, requiring no additional clothing to cover myself properly.

I started the day off with a little shopping.  I picked up a new wig and then stopped at a thrift store.  I didn’t get anything at the thrift store.  While touching up my lipstick in the parking lot, an African-American woman tapped on my window.  She wanted to know if we had met at another thrift some time back.  She said she remember me asking her if “she could tell”.  I politely told her that couldn’t have been me, because I would never ask that question, I don’t care if you can “tell”.  As an aside, obviously you can “tell” with me or she wouldn’t have approached me.  She smiled, said “good” and told me I was beautiful, painting a smile on my face that lasted quite a while.

Another sunny afternoon at the science center.  Honestly, I love this place.  Me on my perch, smiling at everyone, chatting with visitors to the city, waiving at employees.  I welcomed a couple to Cleveland from South Carolina today.  The sun came out and I took advantage of it by snapping a few photos on the harbor.  Love that!

Then off to my favorite theater, Mercury, to smile, greet patrons, hand out playbills and walk folks to their seats.  Just another place I am valued and loved.

A full day in a dress, never once thinking about what I was wearing, just happy being me.  Blessed, loved, valued, pretty, all in all, a great day!



2 thoughts on “Happy, Happy, Happy

  1. I really like that dress and you put it together very nicely with the pumps and jewelry. I am glad you had a great day. The process is worth the reward.


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