Processing Kandi

Part two of this “Ask Kandi” question (Fashion and Me was Part one).

I’d like to read about your fashion choices in general and the process and products by which you use to become more feminine.

Now let’s discuss the process.  It’s not much of a story.  Many of us revel in many parts of our femininity.  Many savor the process of getting dressed.  My guest blogger, Marie, relishes this and well she should.  For me, it’s the payoff.  Just like I hate shaving, but love being shaved/hairless, I find the transformation process necessary work to achieve the objective, being Kandi.  If it was as simple as getting dressed, quickly doing my makeup, grabbing my purse and heading out the door, I’d relish it more.  The whole process takes too long, in some ways limiting my ability to go out and certainly requiring me to manage seemingly every moment of my life to fit in the things I love.  For example, were I a woman and had three hours to go out and do whatever, out I’d go!  Me, that’s just enough time to get dressed and undo everything, not much time left for a new adventure or a simple errand.  Such is my life.

There is so much too do!  There is routine maintenance, keeping my face moisturized, managing and maintaining my hair growth, facially and all over my body.  In respect to my wife, while I have much of my stuff around, I keep it put away.  Yes, I have my own lingerie drawer.  I use my wife’s purses, but always put them back when finished.  So I spent quite a bit of time pulling things out and putting them away.  Just to consider going out, I have to select my wig, select and pack my purse (requiring taking things from my male wallet and moving them to my female wallet), pick my accessories, get the outfit, select my undergarments and finally lay out and select the makeup I wish to use.  What eye shadow color?  What lipstick color?

None of this talks about what I do to keep my body looking feminine in shape, weight management and my running, which allows me to wear a size 2 skirt!

The process:

  • Set up by selecting the outfit, wig, shoes, purse and accessories;
  • Brow and nose hair grooming;
  • Shave my face and entire upper body (except back);
  • Shower, where I reshave my face (to achieve the necessary close shave) and my legs;
  • Repair (mostly applying lotion to the legs and face and perfuming myself);
  • Getting dressed in as much as I can, allowing me to do my makeup without getting it all over everything;
  • Laying out my makeup;
  • Primer, beard cover, powder, foundation, powder, highlight, blush, contouring, brows, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, lipstick and finally, setting spray;
  • Jewelry and the rest of my outfit;
  • Shoes; and
  • Finally my wig and all that goes with that.

Now I’m dressed and I take the pictures you see posted here.  I always want to do this to document my outfit and outing as I never know if I’ll be able to do so when out.  I then grab my purse, put on my sunglasses, one final check in the mirror and then it’s time for The Great Escape, which was a separate blog post.


2 thoughts on “Processing Kandi

  1. The ‘process’ can be time consuming and arduous. Sometimes just pulling out and trying on one outfit after another to find something that feels right, looks right and fits the outing can take forever….but it is so worth it.


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