Who’s the Volunteer?

“Ask Kandi”……

Does the male you ever do any of the same volunteering or do you keep them very separate?

Kandi is a whole lot better person than I am.  She does 100% of the volunteering.  Now, keep in mind why I initially started to volunteer.  It was for something other than bars and shopping to do while dressed.  Volunteering allows me to get dressed, gives me an activity to fill the time and is free.  I get out two to three times a week, generally for maybe fours hours at a shot.  How else can I do that?

So for me volunteering is that win-win.  I get the tremendous feeling people get from helping others, I get to “be” and I meet new people and make new friends.  This all gets back to that Chinese wall between me and Kandi, trying to keep from blurring the lines.  Who and what I am has been crafted and honed from experience and a thorough understanding of myself.  On that proverbial gender spectrum, I am dead center, loving both roles, but never wishing to have one or the other dominate.

Ladies, please continue to send more questions or topic ideas.  I certainly appreciate the interaction and always can use the help to keep our little community together, thinking, sharing, loving ourselves.


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