Ice Cream

Who doesn’t like ice cream?  No one!

Before I go on, allow me a quick story.  Driving at work one day, I noticed the following sign at a local DQ: I scream, you scream…..the cops come… gets awkward.  I really laughed at that one!


Okay, back to my point.  Kandi is very much like ice cream.  My analogy speaks to that balance I seek.  If you ate ice cream every day, you’d get overweight and your health would suffer.  But once or twice a week, it’s great!  It’s something you look forward to.  Kandi is no different.  I LOVE being her.  I LOVE going out as her.  But too often, too many times, I get thrown out of balance.  Things get imbalanced.  I’m not a good husband, my responsibilities may not get addressed.  So I have to watch myself.  Make sure I follow that pecking order, fulfill my responsibilities.  Feel good about doing what I am supposed to do and allowing me that release to just “be”, be myself, me the girl I adore, be Kandi.

A bowl of ice cream now and then is a welcome treat.

Make any sense?


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