A friend recently asked me what is the most negative part of Kandi.  Good question.

Listen, I love the old girl!  She fills me with pride, allows me experiences I would otherwise not have, looks damn good in a skirt and has unlocked a personality I had kept buried for years.  But she does come with baggage.  There are people, people I love, that I dare not tell about her as the downside risk of doing so far outweighs any upside.  She sucks up an incredible amount of time as I’ve talked about last week.  A recent afternoon I was home alone and went about some simple tasks, doing Kandi’s laundry, making sure outfits to be worn that week worked well, washing a wig, etc.  Before I knew it, the day was shot and I really didn’t feel like I did anything.  A day out en femme conservatively requires about four hours of dead time including body prep, make-up, the commute out and back and the tear down/clean-up, not to mention putting everything away.

So my answer was that the most negative part of Kandi is that I love her so much.  That love keeps me very busy, between my job, my family, my running, my friends, music and then of course, Kandi, my dance card is never empty.  It would be nice if I just took some downtime.  I need the ability to compartmentalize Kandi a bit, put her away and bring her back out, but those smiles, strangers passing by, smiling at me, those damn smiles…..

I’ll keep evolving, continue to grow, learn, love, make mistakes, inspire, irritate, question, go out, always trying to be a better person and representative for our community.  I owe you all at least that!


2 thoughts on “Negative

  1. I have wondered how you fit so much action into a mere 24 hour day…and you failed to mention the time it takes to be on line keeping up your blog


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