Putting Together Kandi’s Land

As this blog has evolved, I’ve really enjoyed my very small platform to express a part of myself.  Usually I have about 20-25 posts written and scheduled at any one point in time.  Once or twice a week, I’ll sit down and write two or three posts at a time.  Writing for me is a stream of consciousness thing.  Give me a topic that I have an interest in and off I go!  This particular post was the fifth written during one session.

During the course of the day, topic ideas come to me.  I make note of them and tackle them on these writing sessions.  I get random thoughts from things I see and that relate to my crossdressing.  These ideas may just come to me, many are planted as seeds from something I’ve read and many come from my tens of readers.

Another type of post is, of course, summaries of my adventures.  Those absolutely write themselves.  I enjoy discussing how the outfit worn that evening was pulled together.  What did I do that day?  What interesting things happened?  Did I meet anyone interesting?  Which picture or pictures should I include?

As always, I welcome guest bloggers.  I view this as a community and want your participation.

This is a daily labor of love for me and I look forward to any feedback I receive.  So as long as you keep reading, I’ll keep writing (and going out and creating stories…..).  I actually wrote this post well over a month ago.  I have been reading a few of my favorite bloggers who have recently acknowledged the work that goes into doing this on a daily basis.  It certainly is work, but we do love doing it.  Daily can get to be a grind, but as a relative newbee to this, I am still full of (no, not that!) ideas and thoughts.  But I can see the day this all starts to dry up.  So I hope you find this of value and/or help to you.  I love sharing experiences in my life and that includes my Kandi adventures.  Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Putting Together Kandi’s Land

  1. Among the things I do admire about you is your ability to put out content. I like to read your adventures but I also like the posts where you share your thoughts, desires and motivations. You keep writing and I will keep reading and, as the mood moves me, commenting.
    May the muse of authorship and inspiration continue to guide your typing fingers.


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