Top 10 Favorite Artist #4

Stone Temple Pilots, yes another 90’s band and obviously one of my favorites.  I was a big fan of the late, great Scott Weiland, who grew up not to far from me and lived a difficult life, riddled with addiction.  It’s the same sad story that has claimed many rock stars.  But the guy could sing!  He could write lyrics.  His work with STP and Velvet Revolver were a gold standard for any rock band.

My particular favorites are the band’s first and second CDs, “Core” and “Purple” as well as Velvet Revolver’s debut “Contraband”.  “Slither” is a song that really evokes a mood and is always played repeatedly by me when it shuffles up.  “Fall To Pieces” is a really beautiful ballad.  Going back to STP, both of those mentioned CDs are excellent from beginning to end.  I have talked here about the song “Creep” and love the driving beat of songs like “Sex Type Thing” and “Dead and Bloated”.  “Plush” is a perfect song.  “Purple” was also filled with masterpieces like “Vasoline”, “Interstate Love Song” and the great “Unglued”.

The band fired Weiland quite some time ago because of his heroin-driven undependability and has never been the same since.  I am sure on some level that addiction fueled his genius and certainly killed him.  I am sad that I never got the chance to see him and his brilliant stage presence.  Scott Weiland, RIP!



2 thoughts on “Top 10 Favorite Artist #4

  1. Years ago I wound engage in discussions with a former associate whose two favorite bands were the Stone Temple Pilots and Pink Floyd (not in that order). I was never a big fan of either although there are several Floyd songs that I really enjoy listening to whenever they come on. Years later I went to see another associate of mine perform in a Deep Purple cover band. They were opening for The Machine which bills itself as the ultimate Pink Floyd cover band. Both acts were great covers but, by and large, I was more into the Purple music than the Pink.
    I do not have too many issues with your music tastes. It may be a simple fact that I have about a decade of age on you and my tastes and preferences predate many of yours.


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