See? It Isn’t Just Me!

And all along I thought it was just me…..

And it’s not.  It’s many, many of us.  I both love and abhor the internet and whole social media world we live in today.  The crap on social media has created this school shooting generation we all live in now.  It has created this complete fissure in how we view the world.  You are either an extreme conservative or an extreme liberal, when the reality is most people are right down the middle.  Reason has flown out the window.

BUT, it has also allowed me this platform, a platform in which I find out there are many other girls like myself out there, who feel exactly as I do.  Those who have experienced exactly what I have.  And I thought it was just me who felt this way.

This platform (my blog and my blathering in a few other places) has created a channel of communication for me with a few fellow sisters.  After all, I do have tens of readers here!  I always take the time to answer questions in as great a detail as possible without turning over my social security number and PINs.  Many sisters have posed some interesting questions which I will continue to share in future posts for all to read, the both of you out there……


4 thoughts on “See? It Isn’t Just Me!

  1. Kandi,

    A little something to add to your assessment and philosophy. Totally and absolutely concur with your assessment — Most people are in the middle but the extremists, (and it seems the extreme leftists in particular) are so strident in their comments and volume that they shout down any other opinions without listening first. Enough on the political, now on the people –I have conducted my own face to to face survey about the DIVISION in the country. The results do not shown this great divide. I conducted and continue to discuss the topic when ever the opportunity presents itself. The most recent was a black male bartender-waiter at an nationwide hotel chain in a major. In addition, we determined everyone is unique and different and made that way. Even identical twins are not identical either in physical, social or mental attributes. WE ARE EACH DIFFERENT so let us accept this reality and find common ground, we all face the same basic challenges, life, work and love. As to the last, I came to a personal internal revelation just yesterday, when I recognized that I was gifted with two personalities and a very adaptable physiognomy which allows to enjoy Marie both inside and outside. So I plan on continuing to take advantage of this duality not consider myself denied the joys of one because of a certain physical configuration. We only go around once and we were intended to maximize our use of this time and our attributes. Marie Anne Greene


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