Today’s Reading is From….Kandi?

I had not been able to attend my church for a few weeks and returned with a bang!  This was the finale of my recent big weekend.  I was honored to be the Liturgist, doing the reading.  Here you can see me listed in the outline for the service.


First things first.  I dressed appropriately for the day.  My Sunday best and took it up a notch since I would be in front of everyone.  This outfit is a recent thrift store steal!  I dropped a total of $2 on the blazer and the skirt.  I simply cannot look any better.  The pink accents were spot on.

I could not have been calmer.  After a scorching hymn by the gospel choir preceding my reading, as I was standing to approach the lectern, I whispered to the preacher “that’s quite an opening act for me!”.  I delivered the reading strongly (in my male voice, hey, it’s all I got), pausing dramatically and providing emphasis where needed.  I looked over the congregation as I read.  I was very happy with how it all went.  During our time of greeting, where we walk all over the church offering peace to all, a gay member of our congregation (I know this because he and his partner were recently married in our church) came up and gave me a kiss on the cheek.  That made me feel like I make a very, very small difference.  Many complemented me on either my outfit and/or my reading.  A special day.

The day and my long weekend as Kandi was rounded off with a church luncheon at a local landmark restaurant.  I was beaming, happy, talking with friends and church members I did not know very well.  I had a terrific meal and was ready to head to a local symphony concert, but decided I had done quite enough.  My eyes were weary from the long weekend and the extended period of time in contacts, so I swung by to check out the end of the Dress Extravaganza and headed home for some much need rest.  A truly rewarding and full weekend!

Here is a montage of my reading as I had someone take a few photos while I was doing it.


2 thoughts on “Today’s Reading is From….Kandi?

  1. How wonderful Kandi, the liturgy was so meaningful, you did not only do yourself proud but also your church. Your ensemble was the perfect outfit for such occasions.
    I have attended my church as Faye for many years but doubt I would have the courage to do the liturgy in front of the congregation.

    Faye x


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