Monte Carlo Night

So in the evening of the second day of the Dress Extravaganza, I had a commitment to tend bar at the Weathervane Playhouse Gala, a Monte Carlo Night fundraiser.  Thankfully, I had only a two hour shift, staring early.  I was pretty tired.  It was a little strange for me to come home, have a few hours to kill and then go out again.  So I was doing things around the house dressed, before getting changed, touching up my makeup and heading back out the door.

I was thrilled with my look!  We were to either dress in Ocean’s Eleven attire or black and white.  Since I had no clue what Ocean’s Eleven attire was, I opted for the simple black and white.  I have to say, sometimes the simplest outfits are the prettiest.  If I wasn’t so tired, I may have stretched the evening as I thought I looked pretty, pretty good (to quote Larry David) in my leather jacket and sunglasses.  The small red touches really popped and I thought set the whole thing off.

My co-bartender was Olivia, a local actress and wonderful person.  We had a great time!  No real great stories here, just me hamming it up with the gala guests, mixing drinks as only I can (slowly and too strong).  Here is Olivia and me at the end of our shift, before I beat it home to hit the sack!



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