Sunday & Monday Past


I need to trust my initial instincts.  The outfit above was worn to Sunday services and our monthly Second Sunday Lunch with many members of our congregation.  I always very much look forward to the SSL, there are so many real great people that go and I get to sit and talk with many of them.  My friend Betz (friend and blog reader!) does a wonderful job of organizing these (probably like herding cats at times) and I am deeply grateful to her and to be a part of it all.  This month we returned to a favorite spot in our Little Italy district on a rainy, grey winter day.  The food was excellent and the company even better!

I bought this jacket probably two years ago and just kept finding reasons not to wear it.  I paired it with a below knee black skirt, fashion tights (hard to see here) and black pumps and got quite a few complements on it.  My initial instinct when I bought it was that I loved it and I should have worn it sooner, but am happy I finally did.  The whole look was classic and a perfect Sunday outfit!

Monday was a casual volunteer opportunity.  There is a fundraiser for Playhouse Square called the Jump Back Ball and they have been spending quite a bit of time preparing for the event.  Last night I worked one of the many evenings spent preparing props, decorations and all that goes with putting the event together.  The group holding the event is the Young Professionals Association and yes, they were young and yes, I am old!  But nonetheless, this girl pitched in, was well received and made a very small contribution.

Beforehand I did a little shopping at ULTA.  I just love shopping for makeup!



2 thoughts on “Sunday & Monday Past

  1. I love the “Church Lady” outfit. You could have been my 5th grade teacher. I like the look of the jewelry with the blue top, black skirt and black hose. It is also a good look with the glasses.


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