What This is Not…….

I have a Flickr page and I have to block about 70% of those that wish to follow me because they seem to have an interest in genetalia, showing theirs or seeing others.  Hey, we all have them but that is not what this is about for me.  This is about allowing my feminine side out, to share this gift with the world.  It is NOT about fetishes, it is not about dressing like a teenage hooker.  It’s not about sex at all.  It’s not about a vicarious thrill or breaking taboos.

It’s about people.  It’s about acceptance.  It’s about spreading love and particularly self-love (and not that kind…..).  If you do not love yourself, it becomes very difficult to love others.  It’s about helping others because I have been given so much.  It’s about showing the world that hey, we really aren’t so bad.  We are frankly more “normal” than many.  We understand both the male and female points of view.  I know I am more empathetic and far less judgmental now that I am able to let my feminine side out.  I have been told that I am sweet and you know what?  That is my goal and those complements fill me with pride.  So as you read my daily blog posts, understand what this IS, a place for those like myself to feel like they are not alone.  They are not to be marginalized or scorned.  Open up your mind and allow good people to be just that, good people.  This world needs each and every good person it has and even more.  Embrace the love, foster the goodness, accept good people regardless of their attire and let’s slowly make this a better place.  Ok, I’m off my soapbox!


4 thoughts on “What This is Not…….

  1. Well said and another good post. Like I noted in one of my prior comments “if you have to explain what we are and what we like to do as cross dressers…you can’t.”


  2. Don’t forget it’s also about being happy, to have fun and enjoy whatever activity or experiences, I mean if its not any fun, why bother with the effort.

    Also would have thought the percentage of blocks would have been higher, like at least in the 90 percentile. With the openness and anonymity of the internet, pervs seem to be even more prevalent, and now the pervs can be sluts at the same time. Dealing with macho male aggressiveness is just another part of learning to femulate. Real women have to deal with macho pervs on an almost daily basis, anytime anywhere. Sad but true.


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