A Tale of Highs and Lows

By Marie Greene

This reading is unlike any of my previous writings all of which had an upbeat thrust — Fear not! — This is not a “downer”.  This is more of an “Expose”.   It covers a period of 30 plus days and includes both high and low points in this “GAL’s” slightly emotional Roll-a-Coaster.

It began with the dual high-points of my happy participation as the “Maître de-Ess” at a Halloween party as “Wonder-Woman” followed less than a week later as a Playboy Club Bunny in female Tux and White Fluffy Tail at a Marti Grass party.  As the glow from these two thoroughly enjoyable public events became cherished memories had two other joyous back to back private activities on the near horizon.  Both involved meet-ups and dinners out with two of my Girl Groups.  Both required more than a 300-mile round trip to a major metropolitan complex, but it was projected to be well worth the mileage and gas cost.  Had many pleasant anticipatory thoughts and total emersion in two female time capsules. Great things ahead.

Whereas Wonder Woman and Playboy Bunny were each six to eight-hour adventures, these two future sojourns were projected to be upwards of 36-hour multi-event adventures. Let me explain – The first was to be an almost unbounded shopping spree in a high-end Mall followed by cocktails and dinner at a roof top restaurant then taking in a stage show.  The second was to be a country setting where my GAL guide had an out-of-town lady guest who had expressed interest in meeting Marie. We (definitely Marie) were looking forward to the three of us enjoying a Girl’s country weekend and a quasi-pajama party.  As you can envision, I was really looking forward to this potentially glorious double-barreled estrogen charged Girl excursions.

Now to the realities!

The drive to Gotham was uneventful and my greeting from the lead Gal of the HI-End event and Penthouse cocktails was as usual warm and cheerful with a big hug and mutual compliments on our looks and outfits. Great start!  Mid-way through my normal makeover and the regular experimentation with the new palette of seasonal colors and shades, I interrupted the fashion chit-chat and transitioned into the plans for the evening.  At this point, I learned both of the other two Gals who to be part of our four-girl dinner had bowed out earlier that day citing the effects of the Flu that was rampaging across the country.  This was a blow to my girlish enthusiasm and doubled down when she added she could not participate either as both of her teenage children had just, that morning, exhibited the early symptoms of this modern “plague” and she decided “mothering” her girls took a higher priority than the planned outing.  I was now totally crushed but recovered quickly and was still was looking forward toward the “Country Outing”.

Called my other hostess to advise her of the change of plans and learned that “pink-dream- balloon” had also been burst by the same “bug” or one of its cousins and her out of town friend would not be coming had to decline my hostess’s invitation.  There went the “Country Weekend”.  Marie was the victim of another immediate and severe disappointment. One disappointment would have been enough, the second had a Double-Barreled impact.  This dual impact was reinforced when I reached home and learned a major writing project Marie had been offered was still up in air and there had not been any response to my communications for three weeks.  Marie took this to be a third REJECTION.  The first two incidents which, were quickly classified as being “Stood-Up” – twice in one night.  Collectively the thought came flitting through Marie’s thoughts that she was being evicted from her sorority of Gal friends for some unknow reason and perhaps it was time for Marie to forego any further evolutions and adventures in femininity.  Logistic planning was mentally examined on how to purge Marie’s extensive wardrobe and all the large collection of bangles, baubles and the myriad accoutrements associated and which epitomize the cherished aroura of femininity.

Collection of Minor Miracles

This mental trough of rejection and abandonment continued for approximately two weeks until Marie experienced four pinpoints of light-hope-and unsolicited human warmth.  All in rapid cessation. and all from members of Marie’s Gal friend circle.  The first came from the Lady Barber who while Marie was in the chair for a trim, excused herself for a moment and returned with a gift, a “Steeple-chase” bonnet for her special GIRL friend.  Shades of last year’s Kentucky Derby vignette. The next came from Tailor-Dressmaker who called and excitedly relayed the story of a special “Sun-Dress” that she said was “perfect” for Marie and Marie had to immediately come to the shop to try it on. As directed dashed over and within 15 minutes was swirling around in a sea of sun-glow floral yellows and greens. It fit and looked wonderful and most of all it went “perfectly” with the “Steeple Chase Bonnet” and Marie thankfully claimed it in joyous mood.

Reaching home Marie found two messages on the answering machine.  The first was from the GIRL Guide announcing that her Out-of-Town visitor would be coming next month and wanted to reschedule the “Country Girl Weekend” including to make sure Marie was included.  The second call was almost a mirror image of the first.  It came from the “lead gal” of the ill-fated Penthouse evening, saying now that all parties had beaten the FLU it was time to reschedule the “Party”.  Collectively, these happenings were met with a joyous giddy girl joy. All thoughts of purging and withdrawal were instantly banished.  The darkness faded and the sun was shining again.



After the disappointment from missing the marathon and the (admittedly minor) health issues (as well as a car issue just to round out my week), I really needed to get my girl on.  The weather was great and I had committed to a few hours at the science center information desk.  I really wanted to spend quite a bit of time in a dress, just being really girly.  The science center is on the harbor and I just wanted to be surrounded with people, allowing me to smile and enjoy the beauty of the area when the sun is shining!  This was the last day of a week off, originally planned to prepare for and enjoy my accomplishments with the marathon, followed by some Kandi time.  Circumstances, issues and the weather turned the week on its head, but hey, that’s what life is all about.  I fixed my minor issues and move forward toward the Memorial Day holiday feeling very blessed.

My Kandi time will be limited over the next few weeks with work, a visit by our daughters (always welcome!), our annual Dave Matthews concert, a few races and my 35th (ugh!) college reunion.  So I pulled out a dress I bought a few months back in a $1 per item buying binge.  The dress has a vintage feel to it, I felt very cute on this day.  The flats were necessary as my ankle continues to mend.


You know those days when you are thankful to be the woman you are?  Well, today was that day!  First I did my shift at the science center.  Working the information desk I helped, in various ways, couples from Vermont, Colorado, Maryland and New York.  I welcomed them all to Cleveland with a broad smile and really enjoyed my interactions with them.

Look, I know who and what I am.  I fool no one and am not your “classic beauty”.  But I did alright for myself and was very pleased with my look this day.

Just 48 hours prior I looked like the The Elephant Man!  After my shift, I sat at the outside bar at a Mexican restaurant on the harbor, enjoyed the humidity-free breeze on my freshly shaved legs, crossed as I sat ladylike on my bar stool.  I enjoyed my dinner and a few margaritas, again reveling on my good fortune and blessings.  The doll who waited on my frequently referred to me as “ma’am”.  No matter how many times I go out, no matter how many positive experiences I have, I always notice and appreciate that.  It didn’t probably mean anything to her and it meant the world to me!

Then I had quite a bit of fun taking photos, which will be part two of this post.  Stay tuned.

Sherry’s Thoughts

Looking for Input

You can see I have made some changes to the look of the blog.  Please remember, I am way over my skis when it comes to all of this technology stuff.

Do you like the changes?  What other changes or additions would you like to see?

Please comment or contact me and offer suggestions.  Remember, my blog is intended to be a positive, uplifting community of like-minded women.  Knowing I am not alone in all of this allows me to “normalize” it in my mind and not lapse back into the feelings of self hate that plagued me my most of my life.

Thanks you ladies!

The Cleveland Museum of Art (Part 1)

One Friday in November 2016 I got dressed and went to my first MIX! party at The Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA).  They hold a party in the beautiful atrium on the first Friday of every month and as I am always looking for an adventure, off I went!  I unfortunately looked pretty much like Friar Tuck in this dress.

I looked horrible!  Nonetheless, it began quite the adventure that evening and set me up for many more to come.  But let’s discuss that evening first.  I parked, paid my entry fee, bought a drink and got a small bite to eat and realized I dropped about $50 in less than 10 minutes.  So I went over to the desk where they scan you in and asked to meet the volunteer coordinator and signed up then and there to work the party almost every month since.  She is probably just being nice, but I am told I am her favorite volunteer (I know I am one of the more dependable ones).

I had a great time by my lonesome.  First, I ran into a friend from the Chorus who was kind enough to buy me a drink and talk with me for a while.  Then while sipping said drink, a young couple chatted me up and we had a very nice visit.  Overall the evening was great fun.  On my way home I stopped at Bar Louie for a nightcap.  As I sat there watching basketball on the TV the woman you see me with above was looking at me from across the bar and she was just so interested in me!  She asked if she could sit next to me and ask me questions and I was certainly game.  We chatted for about 10 minutes and then she and her friends had to move on, but not before taking this photo, a lovely lady and Friar Tuck.  That dress, needless to say, is long gone.  Live and learn, I guess.

More CMA adventures to come……..


Top 10 All-Time Favorite Songs #9

Der Kommissar, After The Fire (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBfFDTPPlaM).  Takes me back to my senior year in college.  Specifically, after we graduated we all hightailed it to Daytona Beach.  Now 35 year later, I have three vivid memories of that week: this song playing, Eddie Grant’s “Electric Avenue” and burning myself to such a crisp, I had to wear long sleeves most of the week and was shivering in air conditioned bars as my skin was soooooo painful. And that drive, 20 hours with 5 of us jammed into a Datsun.  Youth is certainly wasted on the young!

The band, I know nothing about.  This was basically all they did, your typical ’80’s one-hit wonder.  The song, that beat, no matter how very old I get, will always take me right back to that beach, that time, before all the responsibilities of adulthood piled on me.  They didn’t make the list, but Golden Earring’s “Twilight Zone” also evokes that time for me.

The ’80’s, the worst decade for music in my life, but so many memories.



A Full Friday

So Friday I had a full plate.  I started my day having lunch with a new friend.  She and I met recently at The Cleveland Foundation Annual Meeting (red blazer, black and white floral skirt blogged about recently).  Much like the evening before, I had a wonderful time with another woman, just chatting, sharing and doing quite a bit of laughing.  It was a bright, sunny day with low humidity (a rarity around here), sitting on the sidewalk enjoying our lunch.

There are outfits you know look good and there are outfits you know are special.  This is a special one!  The sweater is perfect in every way.  The neckline is very comfortable, the sleeve length just right for a girl like me.  And pretty?  Absolutely!  The necklace was a masterstroke, the right touch to go with the sweater.  The skirt pulled in that one green stripe in the sweater and the shoes (frankly a necessity due to a badly swollen ankle), brought a cute and casual touch to the outfit.  Seven hours in this outfit was a treat!

After lunch I headed downtown to the convention center to pick up my race package and bibs.  As I did last year, I did so dressed and as I experienced last year, no one cared!  You see how I was dressed, I had to show my ID twice to get may race bibs, bought a marathon top (it’s our 40th Cleveland marathon, so I wanted some gear), using my male credit card and had a photo taken (you saw it yesterday), all done dressed pretty, no one cared!

My day ended with another shift at the information desk at the Great Lakes Science Center.  An older couple, a bit eccentric (she had blue hair) wanted to take some stock video footage for the video they were shooting on behalf of the marathon.  We chatted a bit while the marketing manager came to talk with them.  Nice couple.  Well, lo and behold, Saturday after I had run the 5K, I saw the lady with the blue hair.  Now remember, she met Kandi on Friday and now me on Saturday.  We said she immediately recognized me (my smile, I think) and she shot a post race interview with me.  I’m sure I’ll wind up on the cutting room floor, but it was fun.

I know I am probably horribly positive in most of my posts.  While I had a great day, during my last hour dressed all I want to do was get cleaned up and back to myself.  The abscess discuss yesterday started, my contacts were killing me and I was just tired.  Believe me, I do not live a perfect life, I have the same ebbs and flows as we all do, but all in all, I remain blessed!

Get out there ladies!